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Photo Travelogue: Burmese Daze (Burma)

He was watching me.

I noticed his shifting eyes at about 4AM, as I sat alone in my grimy hotel room, sweatily typing a story in my boxers, beneath a ceiling fan that rattled in the sultry, pre-monsoon heat. He was in my shoe, peering up from behind the heel, under twitching antennae as long and thick as guitar strings.

It was a mega cockroach. An epic cockroach of lore. Cockroach Mothra.

Our eyes locked. A tense Mexican standoff. Then his hulking cockroach minions appeared, scuttling into view like toy cars. They stared at me. Waiting. I knew they were waiting. Waiting for me to fall asleep, so they could drag me away into the night.

I nervously reached for an old copy of The Hindu, rolled it up, and charged across the room—before the cockroaches vanished into the wall, through a hole that looked as though it were made by a rat (and perhaps it was, but he had since been done in by the cockroaches).

As I deliriously stalked about the room in my boxers, at four in the morning, fiercely brandishing a newspaper at the wall, I began to realize that I had a problem, to which a simple solution existed…

Instead of toiling for hours, late into the night, over labor-intensive short stories and articles, I could whip up a quick album of pretty photos and captions each week. This would allow me extra time to wander and explore, with less hours spent writing (or feeling guilty about not writing) in fetid, fart-locker hotel rooms that sustain their own ecosystems.

Lo! I introduce to you: ‘Photo Travelogues.’

This week, I’ll start at the beginning, upon my arrival in the steamy tropics of Burma….

(To open the ~*~*~~*interactive photo viewer*~*~*~, simply click on any of the thumbnail images below).


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