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Wednesday Wanderings: The Golden Temple of Amritsar

I’d like to try a little experiment.

A friend of mine recently pointed out the irony in that, despite my college degree in Film Production, I never share any videos on this site.

To which I pointed out that, with the narcotized connection speeds here, simply loading my Facebook page demands eight infuriating minutes. I said that if I ever tried to share even a short video on this site, by the time it finished uploading, I’d have already returned home, started a family, and would be teaching my grandkids how to drink whiskey.

Enter the squeaky-voiced Net Cafe attendant wearing orange cargo pants, who just last week informed me about the magic of ~*~*~*~.flv compression~*~*~*~. Behold!

Here’s the first potential installment of a ‘Wednesday Wanderings’ video series. Perhaps it will be an ongoing trend–internet permitting. Let me know how you feel about this idea, and I’ll adjust the balance of photos/videos/stories accordingly.

This video was taken at the Golden Temple of Amritsar, on the Indian half of the Panjab. It’s the holiest site for Sikhs, and in my opinion, one of the most photogenic places on the planet…


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