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A Postcard from Pakistan

Greetings from a rooftop somewhere in Pakistan,

I’m still alive! Albeit, sweating profusely. And I probably have dysentery or something. Oh, and also I was detained and interrogated for sixteen hours by ‘secret police.’

So, um, I guess I apologize for not writing this week… My b.

Just wanted to check in.

Expect a bunch of insane Pakistan misadventures over the next couple weeks; I’ll have to work tirelessly to catch you up. Stay tuned for headless goats, espionage, and a dancing horse! Coming next week:

‘Kidnapped in Alipur’: A Travel Tale from the Punjab

The Way of the Pashtunwali’: A Photo Travelogue from Islamabad

‘To Go the Other Way’’: Lesson Seven of Backpackology

In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture from Burka-Land:

See ya Monday,



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