Posted June 30, 2012 by in Culture

Last* Wednesday Wanderings: The Closing of the Border

I would have posted this last Wednesday, but I just so happened to be ankle-deep in yak shit with some nomadic, yurt-dwelling family, near the border of the vowel-impaired nation of Kyrgyzstan… But better late than never.


After Pakistan’s secession from India in 1947 (and the three wars that followed), neighborly tensions have run high. This animosity is most visible (and whimsical) (and entertaining) at the Wagah Border closing ceremony, where both armies dress up in costumes and silly hats and scream at each other with microphones. Then afterwards there’s an informal dance party.

This (unapologetically shaky) video was taken in the middle of the ceremony, just after I crossed the border into Pakistan. Hope you enjoy…

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