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Guest Blogger Viktor Wallström: Flipside Pilgrimage

This guest post is special because, generally speaking, I’m quite apathetic towards inspirational YouTube videos. I’m always the one sitting there, watching my friends going misty eyed over a particular clip, asking myself, “Who cares that the puppy befriended the elephant?” or thinking, “Susan Boyle mostly just reminds me of Hagrid.”

Viktor’s video is different, however.

Perhaps it’s because of my awesome cameo (don’t blink, you’ll miss it!). Or perhaps it’s because “Flipside Pilgrimage” is impossible to watch without feeling overwhelmed with restless, burning desire for the road.

When I met Viktor in Mumbai, he was nearly halfway through his quest—an odyssey to the antipode of his Swedish hometown, Stockholm, travelling over 19,000 miles through Europe, the Middle East, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, and Australia, to make it to the opposite side of the world six months later.

Viktor hails himself as a professional photographer, and accordingly, one might expect him to be lugging some serious equipment. However, instead of clunky tripods and phallic, bazooka-sized lenses, he had what looked like a dinky, plastic Lego-cam. The thing would have passed for a Hasbro toddler toy, if it wasn’t so small that a child might try to swallow it.

Clearly looks can be deceiving.

With exuberant creativity, slick editing, and rhythmic panache, Viktor has spliced together a four-minute antidote to homesickness, reminding us why we long to travel, and proving that it’s not the size of the camera that matters—it’s how you use it.



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